Locations for Top Vacation Resorts in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best countries in Europe to visit all year round. Whether you are looking to travel during your summer vacation or any other time during the year, you will always find the country’s locations capable of catering for your needs. This country is located on the Iberian peninsula – making it a favorite spot for visitors interested in culture as well as nature. For nature lovers, you will find some of the best vacation spots in Portugal having different species of birds and animals. The resorts here are also renowned the world over. You can be able to shop, get entertained and even enjoy sports in these resorts. Here are some of the best locations for the top vacation resorts in Portugal.

The Top Vacation Resorts in Portugal

Praia Verde

This area which is in the eastern part of Algarve offers some of the best resorts in Portugal. Visitors in this area have a lot of nature and cultural surprises in stock for them. Resorts in this area offer lots of family-oriented goodies. The whole of the Algarve region is generally best-suited for travelers who are accompanied by their families. Children have lots of activities to do in Praia Verde including bird watching. The food also is suitable for the whole family with the cuisine generally consisting of simple dishes. Booking resorts in this area can be done from various online avenues.


Resorts in this area are some of the most popular in Portugal. The Guincho area is only close to one-hour drive from the capital, Lisbon. This area has a lot to offer for both children and adults. The area has a lot of natural features like golden rocks that give a nice contrast to the beaches that surround the area. There are a lot of historical and cultural attractions in Guincho, being one of the most westerly locations in Europe. The area is well represented in the pop culture of modern times and attracts thousands of visitors each month.


Alentejo is a region in the southern part of Portugal. Being an agriculturally rich region, it has many resorts in different locations. Visitors to this area mostly enjoy the cultural and historical aspects of the region as well as experiencing the delicacies that come from the region. The area has resorts that cater for all types of visitors but mostly those who are traveling in groups. Many hotels offer competitive prices and there are visitors all year round.


Albufeira is a city in the southern part of Portugal. This area has an interesting cultural heritage being close to the North African region. There are numerous resorts that come with different accommodation, sporting facilities, beach activities and many other offers for visitors. The cuisine in this region is also very inviting.

The above locations offer some of the top vacation resorts in Portugal. Many locations in Portugal are fairly-priced with different packages being offered to suit all visitors’ needs. Portugal offers a unique experience in Europe due to its location, geography and unique culture. For these reasons, vacation trips to Portugal are highly lauded.